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All the travelers who have joined us during the years had the chance to visit beautiful places and took pictures of landscapes, food, people and everything that caught their attention. But there’s something even bigger that we always try to show during our tours: it’s the way we live in Abruzzo Italy. This includes some habits, the way we spend time with our family, the food we eat, what we drink, the places we love to visit, and things to do in Abruzzo.

Of course, everything seasoned with a good sense of humor!

So here is a vademecum of the secrets to live like an Abruzzese.

1. Slow down, take it easy. We don’t rush, we are often late, never in a hurry.

Let’s admit it: everybody thinks this is the way Italians live, especially in the south of Italy, and this is quite true! Here days are made of 36 hours… Well, not really, but it’s simply in our dna: we try not to stress too much, enjoy a limoncello since the last sip, sometimes we say we are almost there and then we show up after 30 minutes. But everything is under control, and we will make it sooner or later.

2. Family time

Our family means a lot to us and we celebrate it every time we can: this might mean long Sunday lunches, grape and olive harvesting, getting together for any occasion, and spending quality time immersed enjoying our beautiful territory.

3. Conviviality

We truly believe in the power of social relationships and we do our best to cultivate them: grabbing a drink after work, inviting people and accepting invitations to go out or organize cozy home dinners, enjoying spending time with friends and acquaintances, it’s just part of this highly rewarding “job”.

4. Zero km food

(ex. homemade tomato sauce in summer time, extra-virgin olive oil, wine…)

This is not a secret: we eat a lot! But you might not know that we always try to pick zero km food and exploit the best of what our region can offer: from oil to tomato sauce, from salami to different kinds of cheese, everything tastes better if it hasn’t traveled too much.

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