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Heart Of Abruzzo brings you authentic culinary treasures from the Abruzzo region of Italy you won’t find anywhere else –pasta, sauces, olive oil, wine, prosecco and much more.


Farabella , excellence in the production of gluten-free products Founded in 2000 to respond to the needs of consumers affected by Celiac disease, to use dietary foods that looked and tasted the same as other common foods. To achieve this we built a special factory, divided into dedicated production areas for gnocchi, pasta, bread [...]

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Abruzzo Food Map

Abruzzo is home of one of the capital towns of pasta in the world: Fara San Martino, an ancient village at the foot of the eastern slopes of the Majella, where the presence of pure water just flowed from the mountain since ancient times has favored the establishment of a thriving industry specializes, [...]

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