AbruzzoAbruzzo — ”The Greenest Region in Europe”

A drive from Rome, heading east, begins to get interesting about an hour in when the terrain gets hilly, the land turns green and mountains become visible in the distance. Soon you are in Abruzzo, where the magnificent Apennine Mountains surround you and towns from the Medieval and Renaissance periods dot every hilltop.

Abruzzo’s rugged interior is occupied by three national parks, one regional park and 38 protected nature preserves. Here, nature is king. The soil is rich, the air is pure and the pace is slow.

Heart Of AbruzzoFood in Abruzzo is usually crafted artisanally using age-old recipes, techniques, tools and ingredients that have been passed down and are tried and true. There is a respect for the past and there is no rush. Only the desire to make the best product out of the best ingredients.

Another 30 minutes east and you are at the Adriatic Sea on the UNESCO protected “Trabocchi Coast”. These Trabocchi are ancient wooden fishing huts that date back to the 18th century. Today many are wonderful restaurants serving, you guessed it, the freshest seafood you can get!

As you discover our website, imagine the salty air from the Adriatic blanketing the olive groves and passing through the vineyards to create the wonderful cuisine that is Abruzzo!