Little did we know that, what started as a family trip to learn about the history and culture of our ancestral lands, would become a passionate quest to bring the best artisanal products from the Heart of Abruzzo to the Heart of Texas, and beyond!

Our journey has been years in the making and we’ve traveled to the many corners of Abruzzo, meeting the food and wine artisans who demonstrate their respect and dedication to their product, family, and land. The result? Pastas (including gluten-free options), sauces, wines, extra virgin olive oils, and Italian confetti that are made using centuries-old traditions where culinary craft, patience, and only the finest ingredients are paramount.

Our promise to you.

You can rest assured that we have personally sought out and sampled Abruzzo’s best, all while insisting that passion is a key ingredient, even though it isn’t listed on the label. It’s easy to have a buttoned-up manufacturing process and to tout foods and wines as “Made in Italy.” But, we believe passion elevates the end result to another level. That’s why we chose our name, Heart of Abruzzo, with such care. Our unwavering mission is to choose only the products that are authentic and have been created with love and in the richest of Abruzzo traditions and innovations.

We’re proud to unveil our painstakingly curated assortment. And we hope, once you’ve sampled the region’s treasures, that you, too, will fall deeply in love with Abruzzo.

– Sue, Rich, and Olivia DelSignore

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Abruzzo “The Greenest Region in Europe”

Food in Abruzzo is usually crafted artisanally using age-old recipes, techniques, tools and ingredients that have been passed down and are tried and true. There is a respect for the past and there is no rush. Only the desire to make the best product out of the best ingredients.

As you discover our website, imagine the salty air from the Adriatic blanketing the olive groves and passing through the vineyards to create the wonderful cuisine that is Abruzzo!

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