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What began in the 14th and 15th centuries in Abruzzo, Italy as sugar-coated almonds from the local harvest, has evolved into a revered tradition of celebrating wedding and other important life events. The Pelino Family is the oldest and most sought-after maker of these culinary delights—so much, in fact, that the British royal family and other luminaries the world over have made Pelino Confetti part of their weddings.

Pelion Italian confetti choices include a bountiful selection of masterfully-combined ingredients. Nuts (almond, hazelnut, pistachio) are at the center of most confetti, and the coatings, often multi-layered, deliver results that will delight the most discriminating palates. For example, imagine one that delivers a heavenly bite of tiramisú…We are proud to say that all Pelino confetti is gluten-free and made without flours or starches.
Pelino’s Classic and a mixed assortment are available now. Contact us for a wider arrange of flavors for special event/special order possibilities. Let us help you make your event exceptional!

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