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Verrigni Gold Cut Spaghettoro


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This exceptional spaghetti is the only pasta in the world cut from a gold die. It is crafted using the finest durum wheat semolina and pure water from the Gran Sasso Mountains in Abruzzo.

1.1 lb/500 g

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Verrigni is famous for producing superior quality artisanal pastas that are sought out by top Italian chefs. Still using the ancient pasta making techniques, this spaghettoro is cut using a gold die created exclusively for Verrigni by artist Sandro Seccia. This process gives the pasta a special roughness which allows the sauce to cling to it. A rich experience with an intense taste and al dente bite.

We love to use this pasta when trying new sauces. It consistently delivers a flavorful culinary experience.

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Weight 1.14 lbs
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