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Zaccagni Paccheri


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This specialty, large sized pasta is crafted using top quality durum wheat semolina and pure water from the Majella mountain springs. It gets its unique shape from 100 year old dies.

1.1 lb/500 g

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The Pastaficio Zaccagni creates true artisanal pastas using an old guarded recipe, bronze dies (some over 100 years old!) and a slow and gentle drying process. The name “Paccheri” actually translates to “slap”, which is what you hear when you pour the sauce over the pasta. This unique pasta has ancient origins. It has been said that the Paccheri shape was created back in the 1600’s when large Italian garlic cloves became the rage in Prussia (now Austria), Italy’s northern neighbor. They were in such demand that the Prussian government put a ban on the Italian garlic in an effort to save the Prussian garlic farmers. The Italians created the large wide tube-shaped pasta, stuffed them with the wanted garlic and successfully smuggled them into Prussia.

We love serving this to guests as it looks beautiful on the table. It can also be stuffed like a mini manicotti or layered like a lasagna. A hearty red sauce or Bolognese is always a hit!

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