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Zaccagni Tubetti Rigati


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Small tube-like pastas artisanally crafted using top quality durum wheat semolina and pure water from the Majella mountain springs. This exceptional pasta is dried slowly and gently at very low temperatures.

1.1 lb/500 g

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The secret of this delicious pasta lies in the top quality ingredients such as premium grains and pure mountain springs water. Zaccagni uses bronze dies, some of which are over one hundred years old. This, as well as the knowledge, experience and care that go into their procedures and products results in a fine artisanal pasta that elevates any recipe.  The packaging is evidence of their proud Abruzzese roots displayed by a small “window” in the shape of Abruzzo!

We love making Pasta Fagioli with this Tubetti Rigati. The hearty taste of this pasta makes a huge difference in the quality of the soup. You will taste it in the very first spoonful!

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Weight 1.2 lbs
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