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Pelino Classic Confetti


This famous and historic candy is sought out by royalty for wedding celebrations. Sweet almonds are covered in a crisp sugar coating, without flour or starches.

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Since 1783, the Pelino family has been making these traditional candies in the city of Sulmona, deep in the heart of Abruzzo. They still hand craft these little delectibles using traditional equipment and a recipe that is over 300 years old! Convention suggests that wedding guests are given a small token of 5 candies to represent health, prosperity, happiness, fertility and longevity. They are also festively displayed on candy tables, called “confettatas” at milestone events such as weddings, anniversaries, baptisms, baby showers etc.

We love confetti. Period. We are addicted. These white candies are the traditional classic flavor. Perfect to send as a gift. (Especially to someone who might remember weddings with Pelino confetti). Plus, the box is exquisite!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

Original Size, Small Box


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