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Italian Tiles


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Our Italian Tile Box contains nine different flavors of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that will enhance your culinary endeavors and delight your taste buds!  Each tin is uniquely decorated with beautiful Italian tile patterns and will add a Mediterranean feel to your kitchen counter. A visually beautiful gift or a delectable treat for your own culinary endeavors!


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This Italian Tile Box offers three 250ml/8.5 oz Lemon Olive Oil, Truffle Olive Oil and Chili Pepper Oil, plus 100ml tins of Rosemary, Basil, Saffron, Mandarin, Garlic and Ginger extra virgin olive oils. The artisans at Sant ‘Ilario are olive oil experts, cultivating and producing many unique products. They combine tradition with the most modern technologies to offer a superb product. But that is not their only talent, they are unique in that they also have a flair for design and creativity. These beautifully decorated tins certainly caught our eye! Explore the endless ways to use these flavored olive oils.

 Try enhancing recipes or drizzling over breads, cheeses or ice cream. A splash of truffle oil on scrambled eggs, some lemon oil over garlic pasta with shrimp or add a savory punch to your avocado toast with some chili pepper oil. In fact, the lemon oil on this is fantastic as well. You will find your favorite ways to use each of these gourmet oils!


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