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Ursini Opera Mastra Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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This outstanding olive oil is chosen by top Italian chefs because of its high quality and prestigious reputation. It is created using four varieties of olives depending on the season.

500 ml/16.9 oz

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Ursini comes from a family of olive growers and recognized master experts dating back to the 19th century. Giuseppe Ursini’s dedication to quality is not only seen in his exceptional olive oils but also in his factory. Ursini uses his own mill so he can precisely blend his oils, ensuring the quality. He, himself, came up with the motivational sayings that are artfully posted all throughout the building. Opera Mastra translates to “masterpiece”, which is what this oil definitely is. Thanks to a strictly limited edition “Opera Mastra” is considered a “crown jewel”.

We love this oil and would drink it from a cup, actually we have! It is an oil to cherish and serve where you want to experience that rich taste of superior olive oil made by people who strive to create authentic excellence.

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